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As stakeholder or an actress/actor of sports life within a sports organization, club and/or federation, you are at the heart of social transformations that challenge and chant new ways of fully living a physical activity (i.e., exercise, sport, physical education) at each age of life.

It is in this perspective that we invite you to take a few minutes to testify to how your sports environment is sensitive to some of these social transformations. Your commitment is part of a self-assessment process where it is for you to identify some benchmarks that illuminate the path you are building within a sports club and/or a sports federation for the benefit of the well-being of athletes. To reflect on some statements and answer you may need data by gender on your organization.


Thank you for your time reflecting on how you are actively participating in the evolution of social transformations, that are driving new ways to fully experience physical activity (i.e., exercise, sport, physical education) at every age of life. In connection with your answers, we propose to identify from four levels, your current positioning in a proactive approach where it is a question of identifying the gaps that may exist between what you want to achieve and what you put in place on a daily basis.

The approach we propose is resolutely self-determined and the level in which you find yourself, is a way for you, in a self-assessment approach, to identify the next actions that seem to you to be priorities to be carried out within a sports organization, club or federation.


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